Thursday, May 26, 2011

STAMP: Ottawa, June 2011

(c) Julie H. Ferguson 2010
I'm heading to Ottawa, Canada's capital city, in five days for five days. I go often as my family lives there - in-laws and grandchildren. It's a small city as capitals go, beautiful if you know where to look and even has a farm in the middle of it. Packed with politics and history, Ottawa also has a fun market, and great museums. Foodies should visit the old quarter behind the Byward Market and Gatineau across the Ottawa River.

My favourite restaurant is Beckta's on Nepean Street in an old house. Has an amazing wine list, but if you go be prepared to spend lots!

I'm probably not going to write about Ottawa and may not even take photos, except of my grand-kids. This is a break.

Au revoir!
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