Saturday, June 14, 2014


Woke to another grey day as we sailed from Hastings into Rice Lake. This is a favourite of anglers and we drove into the teeth of a strong wind. First time the Kawartha Voyageur was felt to pitch a bit! By the time we turned to starboard and entered the Otonabee River, the sky was lightening and soon the sun made an appearance.

This stretch was most attractive with banks of trees, wetlands, and some very nice houses as we approached Peterborough. But here we saw many waterfowl including loons and two chicks, herons, squadrons of Canada geese, and ospreys, as well as turtles everywhere. Again the tranquillity of the area was pleasing all the way into the last lock that led us to dock in Peterborough where we disembarked.

I was sorry to leave the excellent staff and passengers on the ship before we could do the final cruise of the three up to Big Chute at Georgian Bay. But needs must as I'm speaking in Picton on Prince Edward County on Sunday at the invitation of the Naval Marine Archive for the submarine centenary this year. We were picked up by Enterprise rent-a-car and drove to Picton by 4:45pm.

My favourite cruise of the two? The Rideau Canal and the lower part of the Trent-Severn Waterway are so different, I cannot choose between them. However, we had much better weather on the Rideau and the history fascinated me and that tends to make me lean that way.

Would I recommend them? Totally, it's an unusual adventure with some of the best customer service I've ever experienced. But don't expect the same luxury that you'd get in one of the long river boats on the rivers of Europe. This can't be compared with those.

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