Thursday, September 4, 2014


Yesterday my husband and I took a full-day, private photography workshop on the Isle of Arran with Jackie Newman of Arran in Focus. It included a guided tour of Arran in a 4x4, instruction, a picnic lunch, and turned out 100% better than I could have possibly imagined. I learned loads and had so much fun. It ran from 10am to 5:15pm and it ended in the studio looking at our images on computers and a very big TV screen.

The light was very bright: either into the sun or in foggy, diffuse light. I learned much but the most important items were exposure compensation, using a polarizing filter properly and for what, shooting clouds into the sun, and what the three different modes of metering can do for you in tricky light.

Here are a few images without editing, except some cropping:

Shooting into the haze with bright sky
without making the foreground dark.
Holy Isle is in the haze

Spot metering on the eye as
practice for shooting wildlife later

Shooting backlit clouds without
 under-exposing the foreground
using a polarizer.
Goat Fell from the northside.

Jackie helping my husband
deal with full-face sun

A Scottish stag and his mate using
spot-metering. Sorry I didn't see them on
the moors, but you take what you can get.

Very difficult light here. Learning to not to blow out
the sky and not underexpose the building and hedge.
These are the Twelve Apostles, old tithed cottages
on the west coast of Arran.

Shooting into very diffused, very bright light.
Look closely and see the basking seals on rocks.
All images © Photos by Pharos 2014
All rights reserved

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