Monday, March 28, 2016


Although I wasn't able to travel far afield in 2015, I spent much time with Bella, my Nikon. At Christmas 2014, my husband gave me an 18-300mm lens to replace the two kit lenses that had come with the camera that were not particularly good. The new one turned out to be much better and I experimented to find its sweet spot in different light conditions.

I also used my time working on my post-production knowledge and began to figure out how to make HDR work for me. 2015 turned out to be a great year for photo ops, including a Kerrisdale Cameras field trip to the BC Highland Games and paid photo shoots, one in Palm Desert, CA, for example.

Photography in the field and editing at the computer is a must for travel writers, so that they can add value for their editors with high quality images.

My photographic record of 2015 is now in a portfolio that I'm proud of and a preview can be seen here:

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