Sunday, January 22, 2012


I've just found a fantastic free app for my iPad/iPhone from Nuance, the company that created the Dragon Naturally Speaking software.

Why is this so exciting for travelers?

I post every day on this travelog when I'm on the road as a means of remembering everything I see and do, so when I'm home I can write better articles and keep track of my photographs.This means considerable time spent writing every evening.The Dragon Dictation app is simple and very, very accurate. I didn't have to train it to my voice, it worked from the get-go after I chose the type of English I speak (UK). I can copy the text Dragon produces right into my blog. Yes, I will have to check it for punctuation and the occasional spelling mistake, as well add links and images, but what a time-saver this app will be.

Which is why I'm letting all my traveling colleagues know about it!