Wednesday, June 27, 2012


June 2012 brought the publication of three of my articles.

  1. Christmas time 2010, I wrote an article about a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon that I thought was one of the best I'd written. Travel editors, not so much. I was very proud of the images I shot too. 
I couldn't sell the text or the photos however hard I tried and frankly I gave up on it last March, believing that the subject had been overwritten everywhere. 

But, today brought news that the article I called "Gobsmacked by the Grand Canyon" had been pubbed by a UK market and renamed "Running Out of Superlatives: Rotors Over the Grand Canyon." A clunky title for sure but, hey, who cares? They also pubbed five of my images. Enjoy it here.

Persistence pays off for travel writers these days and I need to remember that.

   2. My "Sensational Safaris on a Shoestring" about two little known national parks in South Africa can be read at Travel Writers' Tales, an independent travel article syndicate. It was published in BC local newspapers.

   3. A short piece on "Victoria Spirits," the home of Victoria Gin on Vancouver Island, appeared in print in the US magazine, Northwest Travel, with a teaser on its website here

IMAGES: © Photos by Pharos 2012