Friday, October 26, 2012


A fairway at Desert Springs resort
(c) Photos by Pharos 2009

At dawn on Sunday, I'm flying south to Palm Springs in southern California for the fifteenth time. This is our annual "rest and recharge" vacation - I don't work on this trip.  First we sleep and read, then we may eat a few gourmet lunches out, and once I'm really energized, I play lots of golf.

Fire in the Sky
(c) Photos by Pharos 2009
The weather is so warm and reliable in the desert east of the Santa Rosa mountains, that we can explore if we feel like it too. But initially, to be honest, staying in one of the big resorts means we can simply loll about on our balcony or enjoy a sundowner at one of several pools within walking distance until we're ready to venture forth. We also like to cook as our timeshares always provide an excellent kitchen. However, there's lots to see and do in Palm Springs, more than I imagined the first time I went! My favourite is a picnic in the silence of the high Mojave Desert.

I always lug my camera gear along because here in Palm Springs I have the time to work on stretching my photographic abilities. And occasionally the sunsets are spectacular! See "Fire in the Sky" on right.

I'll be back home full of energy in late November to start the research for a working visit to see the eagles on the Harrison River in the Fraser Valley. More in December 2012!
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