Sunday, April 28, 2013


by Julie H. Ferguson

© James S. Ferguson
This morning we wound our way up Hwy 3 from Osoyoos towards the east to take photos of the valley and the town. The light was just right and slightly diffused by thin veils of cloud.

Up and up we drove to about 2800 feet. Here is a big turnout with a view of the whole valley from beyond the US border to the top of Osoyoos Lake. It was like flying in a light aircraft.

Osoyoos, BC

We could see the town, the causeway bridge (R) and Haynes Point Provincial Park (lower L). The lake was calm and we could see the snow-capped peaks beyond the local mountains. A warm breeze blew up here.

On we went from there and turned on to a gravel road that led into a sparse residential area. This one was very unusual—about five houses had private observatories on their roofs. I imagine eccentric and retired astronomers live here, who sleep only in the daytime, which would explain why I didn't meet one. I certainly hoped to talk to one!
East side of Osoyoos Lake 

On the way down again I took some photos of where we are staying at Spirit Ridge Vineyard Resort (centre distance). From above I could get a better idea of the layout and where it is in relation to the rest of Osoyoos.

Looking at the mountain we drove up and down

We visited Haynes Point, taking more pix at lake level. This is a lovely campground, quiet in spring but probably packed and noisy in the summers. Quail live in the underbrush here and run about without regard for human or vehicle traffic—so drive slowly.

Nk'mip Cellars and restaurant

Before lunch at Nk'mip Cellars, we tasted four of their wines—two whites and two reds. James liked the Mer'm'iym, just don't ask us how to pronounce it! Red and full-bodied with well integrated tannins. He bought two bottles. Lunch here was served on the terrace today overlooking the vineyards and the lake. Food was exquisite: James ate wild Sockeye Salmon in Almond Romesco sauce, which was so good the young and talented exec chef, Liam McNulty, gave me his recipe. I had house-made pappardelle with two large, spicy meatballs, fresh pomodoro sauce with a stunning pesto garnish and pecorino cheese. The broad, flat, eggy, pasta was as good as it is in Italy. Though full we both had dessert, which are worth saving space for, and then we waddled home.

ALL IMAGES: © Photos by Pharos 2013

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