Monday, June 9, 2014


From mid-afternoon until 8pm in Kingston yesterday, it was turnaround time for the KV's crew between the passengers going home and the new bunch arriving. Huge amounts of supplies, clean linen, and food was delivered and stowed, and then the relieved crew members went home.

Monday, June 9.

The Kawartha Voyageur sailed before breakfast today and we enjoyed a twelve hour cruise on the St. Lawrence — up the Canadian side and down on the US side, which is the Seaway. Sadly we didn't encounter any of the lakers, the big ships, on our return voyage. We picked up a historian at Gananoque, Ian Campbell, who provided a running commentary for most of the tour.

Here are some photos of the 1000 Islands, a gorgeous place. It is best to see the 1000 Islands from the water and there are many short and long tours available from Gananoque and Kingston.

The St. Lawrence River is full of melt and
flowing very fast as this buoy shows. Going
downstream we easily made 7.7 knots, but on the
return managed only 5.4 knots.

We picked up the historian at Gananoque. A tour boat
that does day trips is alongside the village.

Ian Campbell gave us a running commentary
of the history, geology, politics, and interesting
characters for six hours.

This home owner bought an island (L) in Canada and
 a small one in the USA. The 4.5 metre
bridge is the international boundary

This recent statue was placed high overlooking
the river by donations from those who use
the seaway. St. Lawrence watches over all mariners

Ospreys have made a huge comeback in southern
Ontario. They nest anywhere that provides
 a flat surface, manmade or natural. We've seen many pairs.
This home is atop a navigation marker in the Seaway.

Boldt Castle, in the USA, is enormous and was built for
 love of a woman. She died before it was finished
and her husband abandoned it. Now it's been
restored by the Bridge Authority and opened to the public.
Above is the power house for the complex
on the east end

 of Heart Island in front of the main castle behind the trees.

© Photos by Pharos 2014
All rights reserved

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