Saturday, June 14, 2014


We drove south from Peterborough after our cruise in sunshine to Picton in Prince Edward County on the shores of Lake Ontario. We decided to take the slower, country route and missed one turn. So we were a bit later arriving at the Claramount Inn than we had estimated.

Our room turned out to be a vast suite at the top of the 1906 inn, probably converted from the old servants' quarters. It's white with accents of blue. The view from our bedroom window is above. We have a sitting room with a desk and TV, a huge bedroom and king-sized bed with a walk-in dressing room, two delightful corners with tables and two chairs, and a bathroom the size of regular dining room, which has a towel dryer to dry things I need to wash.  After our tiny cabin on the ship, this was most welcome luxury. I slept well and long.

The resto, named after the wife of the first owner of the property and house, is called Clara. It is considered one of the top five places to eat in the county. We ate dinner here on our first two nights and it did not disappoint. First evening I had a sea food pasta that had more prawns, scallops, and lobster than penne!! Awesome! Grounds are lovely – mature trees and grass down to the bay. We've heard that the present owners are going to improve them. I hope they are allowed to prune some of the larger trees and restore more of the view, which was expansive. The sunsets from our room are stunning.

Tomorrow looks good and our explorations begin with a good dollop of wine-tasting and more good food.

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