Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Once in a while life throws a curveball at travelers' plans. I had two in a row this year that cancelled two major trips. My husband's health has been poor since we were in Iceland last fall and he had to have surgery. It was successful but his heart didn't like it.

First to go was my trip to the Travel Media Association of Canada's 2015 conference followed by a cruise to Georgian Bay and two days in Montebello Quebec. Second was our Pacific Northwest road trip. These were complicated itineraries to cancel. But in neither case did we lose any money, thanks to travel insurance, credit card policies, and knowing the cancellation dates of all the accommodations.

I have never had to actually cancel big trips before and was very glad that we always keep a list of the "Last date to cancel." Also my precaution of never booking anything that does not have a clearly-stated cancellation policy and having good travel insurance paid off handsomely.

It's was a big disappointment, but it was the right action to take, especially as in both cases we would have been in some remote areas far from good hospitals.

I partially made up for the loss by attending the British Columbia Highland Games in June — I love all things Scottish, but especially the pipes. I spent a happy day with Bella, my Nikon, and several more afterwards editing the results. We are also planning to take two or three day getaways close to home.

Highland dancer practising
for the competition
The Vancouver Police Pipe Band

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