Tuesday, April 30, 2013


by Julie H. Ferguson

After lunch on a sunny but blustery afternoon, we decided that taking a drive was better than freezing on the golf course with golf balls zooming off to right and left into the desert where you are not allowed to go and retrieve them.

The Legion
We headed into the West Kootenays of southern British Columbia and drove 75 kms to Greenwood. It turned out to be a gorgeous drive up and over Anarchist Mountain into a high plateau of rolling sage green hills—ranching country. Then down we dipped into the Kettle River Valley at Rock Creek, and on through Midway (not the island) and into Greenwood.

City Hall
This is the smallest city in BC with two claims to fame: Gold and copper were mined here after the first settlers  arrived in the mid-1880s, which led to several booms and busts, and the Japanese were interned here in WWII. It felt remote to me, but the town was delightful as small BC towns go. Very well kept with some lovely heritage homes.

We had a coffee and snacks in a modern/old cafĂ© in the old hotel that has been spiffied up and had a good chat with the owner about the history. Fragrant coffee and home-made cakes, sandwiches, etc. with antiques spread around a more modern cafe. I was riveted with the tricycle powered by a vintage Singer sewing machine. The owner obviously has a thing about "old"—her car was vintage too.

The journey home was easy with little traffic and by the time we returned to Spirit Ridge the wind was moderating and the air was warmer.

ALL IMAGES: © James S. Ferguson 2013