Sunday, June 30, 2013


Rowena's Inn at
Pretty Estates Resort

June 2013 brought me a bumper crop of articles published in print and online. Most flowed from travel in 2012, so long is the lead time with magazines these days. Today I'm finding that the time from pitch to publication is often 12-14 months.

I don't mind this, but my clients (hotels, tour companies and tourist boards) sometimes get impatient. All I can do is try to encourage the market to publish at a time that tourists are planning their vacations, rather than arriving at destinations.

Here are some of that harvest from 2012 :

A Convocation of Eagles: Bald Eagles Gather for a Salmon Feast on the West Coast of  British Columbia
, online at 
Travel with a Challenge.

Extraordinary Encounters: Why I Travel, online at Europe Up Close and Business Travel Commentary, Reuters UK.

History Lives Here: Kilby Historic Site, print only in British Columbia History, Summer issue, available at (View the video here)

The Best Kept Secret in the Fraser Valley (Pretty Estates Resort— Rowena's Inn and Sandpiper Golf Course, etc), in print and online in Senior Living. (The video is below the article)

Exploring a Vancouver 'Hood, online at Day Trips Travel Guide.

Harrison River: Unknown and Unspoiled online at Travel Writers’ Tales, an independent travel writers syndicate, and in print and online in BC newspapers. (View the video here)

All images:
 Photos by Pharos 2012-13
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