Tuesday, May 9, 2017


My spring 2017 expedition is drawing to a close, and I'm writing today during a layover in Paris. I deliberately built this into my journey to a) rest, and b) to get a start on some deadlines. I'm also easing myself into re-entry to my regular home life, something that I occasionally find difficult. However, after five weeks of living out of a suitcase, I've reached the stage of looking forward to being home for a while.

From my hotel window, CDG

This morning, as I watch the big jets landing from N. America at Charles de Gaulle airport, I'm mulling over my five week expedition to Morocco and Madrid. Thinking about the highlights; considering what would have worked better; and remembering the excitement.

Goats in an Argan tree near Essaouira

By the numbers:

  • Days away: 34
  • Flights: 8
  • Trains: 2
  • Bus: 1 for two week tour of Morocco
  • Camel: 1
  • Cities visited: 22
  • Hotels: 17
  • Tours: 5 (one lasted two weeks; others one day)
These figures show a very fast-paced trip, sometimes too fast for me to process or photograph well. Wisely, I did build in some downtime in Marrakech and Fez, but wish I had spent longer in Madrid. I barely scratched the surface here, partly because there is so much to enjoy and partly because I was tired. I need to return, which wasn't in my plans. So next time I'm close to or flying over Madrid, I will stay again.

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