Friday, August 18, 2017


A week after I move to Penticton, BC, 250 miles east of Vancouver, I travel to the UK, Poland, Russia, France, and home via ten days in Ontario. I shall be away for six weeks. Not good planning, but there it is!

The trip is not the problem, but packing for it is. After downsizing and packing twenty-five years' worth of living, almost all my worldly goods will be in storage for nine months while my new condo is finished.  I am staying with my daughter and family in the gap. Regarding winter and summer clothes, some of which I will need, I'm not sure what is packed where.

I tried to pack my usual carry-on for the trip but needed some of the space for items I don't usually take. Another suitcase has clothes for both climates. But, where are my hiking boots? My umbrella. Rain pants? Missing, but buried somewhere.... At least I know where my camera gear is — already in my overloaded vehicle.

I don't recommend moving and travelling so close together, but once I sink into my seat and fly across the Atlantic, I won't care a jot. Travel has a way of shelving problems for the time being.  Hey, I can always buy what I can't locate or forgot....

I'll be posting regularly, Internet permitting, once I get to Poland. I may be half-naked, but I know where my laptop is! I have my priorities after all.

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